Carelessness at Coffee Shop proves Costa-ly

 A painful lesson was learnt today after failing to check that I had not forgotten one of my most important disability aids in Winchester Highstreet’s Costa Coffee branch. Of course I did not check so the outcome was inevitable.

When moving away from home nearly all aspects of your life are in your own hands. Of course we are all human though and mistakes are destined to happen, even more so with the stress of starting Unversity still being felt for me. It is not the mistakes that define us though its how we overcome them.
Only did I realise what happened when nature next called (needed the loo). Yes, this expensive disability aid is (or was) a bottle I need for when I’ve gotta go. Obviously essential, without it I am stuck, but don’t panic though as there is another in reserve for these moments. 

I am not the only one who should learn from a mistake and not of the human error kind. Fortunately for me common sense prevailed and I immediately rang up Costa to explain the situation, it was a relief when the member of staff told me that it had been found. 

Twenty four hours later though when my carer went to pick up the item he was amazed to hear of what he assumed was company policy regarding unattended belongings. Apparently the bottle had to be removed, a euphemism for thrown away, presumably for its contents. Not only was the bottle left behind  but a toilet bag that contained it a long with other toiletry products. I was not best pleased. 

Policies aren’t there for no reason so understably have to be followed meticulously. But, surely Costa Coffee should have known what they were throwing away or at least checked. The bottle had been emptied so could not have been in a unhygienic state, the same mistake was made with the bottle full at another nationwide company just over a year ago and the item was kept for the owner to collect. 

To trust others with your own property is a risk and won’t be happening again any time soon after today, double or even triple checking is worthwhile if you are dealing with an item so crucial to your everyday life. Karma really does hit you when you’re least expecting it to.


One thought on “Carelessness at Coffee Shop proves Costa-ly

  1. Brilliant blog. It is strange that Costa did not use common sense and keep the bottle. The general public may not realise that disability aids such as a bottle can be expensive.

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