‘University Challenge’ – Week 4


This week I have been spending a fair few hours preparing a document to send to Social Services about what my current care needs are. Although, it is about my current needs before I go to University it may be wise to tell Social Services what my needs are as they might just need to fund personal equipment and facilities at University, especially as I am hoping to live in student accommodation.

Do not be afraid from the off to tell those who may fund areas of your support that you require a lot of help. Over the last few months while preparing to go to University, I have learnt that it can be a big mistake to assume people understand what your needs are. The reason why this can cost you so dearly, is because the provision of support and care often comes down to one thing and one thing only, funding.

The social worker that came to visit me last week for a meeting to try and arrange a greater number of hours of care being paid for as my needs are increasing, said that in order to receive more money a detailed description of my current needs had to be given to justify my needs. Although I felt maybe what I discussed at the meeting was enough justification, I do need the care and if money is tight I have to make sure I get this care covered.

It is the same principal with support at university. If you have complex needs make sure those funding your support or equipment know you require enough funding to have your needs met. Now the social worker knows how complex my current needs are hopefully this will help if I require funding from social services at University.

Although Social Services may provide some of the funding for equipment at University, I have been given a very good impression from Winchester University themselves. After the meeting with the head of Support Services today, I now have a clear idea of how my needs will be met which they are very passionate about doing. They have now decided what room in the Student Accommodation will be adapted for me come September and arranged the possibilities for where my physiotherapy equipment will be placed.

I definitely feel more confident about having my needs met by the University now. An area for me to pursue though, is who will play for the rent for the carers room? I have heard it would be the local authority, however as I have mentioned earlier this will not be handed to me on a plate – wish me luck!

What going to University really boils down to is whether you meet the requirements of the conditional offer, therefore it is of high importance to make sure the bulk of your University preparation takes place before your college exam preparation commences. For me this is happening now, so I feel glad to know that I am already half way there to making sure the right provisions will be put in the place. Now I can fully focus on getting the right grades to get to University.


2 thoughts on “‘University Challenge’ – Week 4

  1. Another brilliant and informative blog Sam x Grandad and I send you a world of luck in getting all you will require at this so special time in your life, you have got so much in hand already and will succeed in all the rest I know xxx

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