Cultural Exchange Trip to US – gifts for host family

One of the most exciting elements this whole trip has to offer is a five day stay with an American host family, who will accommodate me into their very own culture. To pay these people back I will be coming with a few gifts of my own, to show my culture.

Books about the royal family or a toy double decker bus are not what I have in mind. I want to give people a true reflection of Sam Waddington’s culture – Football and writing articles, two of my biggest passions. Flavours of these two hobbies will come from a football mug and scarf of the team I support, Stoke City, along with evidence of the articles I have written in the past.

Photographs of my family, house and college in a precious photo album are of course probably the most important gifts I will be bringing. A home, education and love, to put into perspective three very important commodities in somebody’s life. Never mind the rest. What is the point in buying somebody a cushion with the Union Jack flag printed on? There are about sixty million individuals living in Britain.

You know that old British cliche, ‘You either love it or hate it’, which cannot be heard enough. Referring to that brown spread you put on your toast with a cup of tea in the morning. My dad hates it, I love it. That is the point though, there is no shame in liking something stereotypically British, if you do like it. I like Marmite so I will give the family some but I don’t like that cushion I was on about so I will not be giving them that.

What I will be giving the family is a taste of Sam Waddington.





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